Stakeholder Relationship Management

The procurement function of the UK government was seeking to communicate with other UK government departments and associated arms lengths bodies to advise of a potential new supplier change which would affect tens of thousands of people. There had been a large time gap in communicating with all interested parties. Tash Pennant Consultancy was commissioned to deliver communications, internally within the organisation and to work across a range of audiences to ensure that stakeholders were kept informed on the progress of the work.

Due to the size and complexity of the stakeholder base who had an interest in the project, Tash Pennant Consultancy had to quickly build relationships internally and externally to bring people up to speed on the project.  In addition, acute stakeholder management of relationships with representative membership organisations which affected recruitment agencies, staffing organisations and independent contractors was crucial due to the project’s profile.

Some of the communications interventions delivered by Tash Pennant Consultancy resulted in significantly fewer queries being raised by stakeholders.  The feedback was that they felt updated on the progress of the project, which had been better than before based on previous interactions with the organisation.