Social Readiness

The UK’s largest government department had a huge recruitment requirement within the digital directorate. Senior leaders within the digital function were disengaged concerning their need to participate in telling the brand story to attract new talent to join their teams.  Tash Pennant Consultancy worked with the department’s digital leaders to understand their reticence to engage with social media and to be more visible personally.

The results of the engagement work conducted by Tash pennant Consultancy found that was old narratives about social media use at work were still circulating and had not been replaced.  In addition an understanding, upskilling and change programme needed to happen immediately to bring the senior leaders on board, to be part of the organisation’s employer brand. Tash Pennant Consultancy devised and delivered a ‘Social Readiness programme’.  This incorporated strategic advice, compilation of a self-assessment tool and practical steps to enable leaders and their respective teams who were recruiting, to be visible to their target audiences of new talent they were endeavouring to attract.

The update and adoption of the programme saw more people within the organisation become visible and more prominent on the world’s leading professional networking site.  This enabled potential candidates to find out more and have the opportunity to connect directly with leaders in the organisation.

This work was part of a co-ordinated drive alongside work done with recruiters to make significant inroads to achieving the department’s targets concerning recruitment in the digital space.

Client Feedback – Head of Technology for Fraud, Error & Debt Management for Dept of Work and Pensions

“I had the absolute delight of working with Tash Pennant during my time at the Department for Work & Pensions. She taught me about the art and importance of having the right digital presence and how to leverage this best to achieve my goals regarding employee engagement. She supported me with initiatives related to recruitment and diversity, giving me really valuable advice and helping secure the resource I’d need to execute them. I love the passion she has for her work, her clear expertise in her field and her professionalism. Outcomes of the work included my publication of blogs and a video resulting in the most successful recruitment campaign the Technology department of DWP ever had, with every single vacancy in my campaign being filled successfully.”