Tash Pennant Consultancy

A consultancy focused on helping people and organisations to have better communications and engagement.


Internal Communications

Effective internal communications within organisations help your workforce to know where they fit in the overall plan for your business. Leadership teams play a key role in driving and supportig communications with staff.


Employee Engagement

Waiting to find out the staff survey results to see if your teams feel connected to the brand and organisational purpose is not an option. Work with Tash Pennant Consultancy to help connect your teams to your brand from the inside out.


Stakeholder Relationship Management

The Tash Pennant Consultancy approach to business is built on finding points of connection and building great relationships. Understanding and knowledge of people and organisations are key strengths of Tash Pennant Consultancy success.


Tell Your Story

Tellng the story of your brand is one that is crucial to attract the best talent to your organisation. Telling the story of your own personal brand is paramount to your success. Tash Pennant Consultancy can position your message accurately with your target audience.

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